Sourcing and Purchasing

Companies looking to avoid pitfalls in the production process use our sourcing services. Which helps them save time and money. To purchase all kinds of consumer products manufactured in factories across Asia.

Assisting companies in sourcing and buying consumer products in China. We source small to large sized orders for all kinds of items. Including lighting, metal parts, electronics, clothing & apparel, etc. Conducting price negotiations, and comparing different quotations to find the best supplier for your products.

Global Supply Network

Through our partner network we have access to production lines for consumer products across multiple regions. We have a large existing database of suppliers across multiple sectors including: clothing/apparel, lighting, electronics, metal parts, ... If you are looking to source products in Asia but do not know where to start, we can help you. Setting up production lines, and/or source products from China and Asia. Having vetted the suppliers based on multiple criteria we can assure the quality and outcome. With 10+ years of experience in sourcing and purchasing products in China. We can help you get started today.

With a long list of existing suppliers, who we have done bussiness with for multiple years. We can help you get started faster. Helping you avoid all the problems and pitfalls. Sourcing in china, has never been eassier with our services.

Factory sourcing

Finding a factory to produce products across Asia. We assist in setting up production lines at local suppliers for overseas clients. We work as your eyes and ears on the ground. Managing all steps throughout the sourcing and production process. Having a long list of existing suppliers and relations, we can get you started faster and eassier. Trust our experience in sourcing and purchasing and avoid the pitfalls that come along with doing overseas production.

We can locate factories to setup your own designed products, or source existing products for export manufacturing.

Quality Inspections

We perform quality inspections throughout all steps of the production process. Where we can find problems and solve them before goods are shipped out. Greatly reducing the amount of errors and mistakes, involved in producing goods in China. Every product is put to test before it ships out, making sure that all items are up to standard.

By performing quality inspections we can perform tests, report errors, and find solutions for problems that may arise during the production process. By managing the quality errors before goods are shipped out, we can reduce the amount of disputes. We assist our clients in receiving the products that meet their demands. And solve the problems of quality, packaging, delivery, timeline.

Logistics and freight

Collecting goods and arranging international shipments throughout China. Including warehousing, combining multiple shipments into containers, and arranging airway and sea freight bill of lading. With 10 years of experience in shipping goods internationally, we can move the goods from suppliers to your doorstep. Reducing costs and improving speed of delivery of purchased goods.

Purchasing Consulting

Hire us as your purchasing consultant and we will operate as your own purchasing department. Want to discuss our services or pricing? Contact us today! Or request a quotation

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