Sourcing and Purchasing

Companies looking to avoid pitfalls in the production process use our sourcing services. Which helps them save time and money. To purchase clothing and apparel manufactured in factories across Asia.

Sourcing and purchasing

Sourcing & Purchasing

Assisting companies in sourcing and buying garments and fabrics in China. We source small to large sized orders for clothing items. Including jeans, sweaters, jackets, shirts, t-shirts,... Both mens and womenswear. Conducting price negotiations, and comparing different quotations to find the best supplier for your products.

Factory sourcing

Finding a factory to produce garments across Asia. We assist in setting up production lines at local suppliers for overseas clients. We work as your eyes and ears on the ground. Managing all steps throughout the sourcing and production process.

Quality Inspections

We perform quality inspections throughout all steps of the production process. Where we can find problems and solve them before goods are shipped out.

Logistics and freight

Collecting goods and arranging international shipments throughout China. Including warehousing, combining multiple shipments into containers, and arranging airway and sea freight bill of lading.

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