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Freelance clo3d design

We are offering a freelance design service for clo3d fashion and 3d garment construction. We are clo3d design experts that can assist your existing design department to create 3d visualisations, techpacks and clothing...

Tags: clo3d

3d design with clo3d

I have made a new pattern with clo3d and also wanted to show this online in the browser. Although you can use the clo3d api to export and display 3d models. I decided to test the model-viewer object.

Model viewer alows us to display 3d objects...

Tags: 3d fashion clo3d

Marketplace software developed

By now you must have heard about online marketplaces? I personally started getting interested in marketplaces a long time ago. Which is why I have developed my own marketplace software, which can be used to build online multi vendor marketplaces....

Tags: marketplace

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