Lighting for Offices

Office lighting for new projects and redesign of existing offices. Delivering lighting fixtures to match customer requirements.

Office lighting design

We have a large database of lighting fixtures that can be used across projects for office lighting. We deliver lighting fixtures for all settings around the office. Be it desks, meeting rooms, reception, or lounges. We can assist you in planning your lighting requirements around the office. And matching them with the best light design products. Which offers you a time-saving and cost reducing solution for all your office lighting needs.

Office lighting control systems

Control systems that put you in charge of the lighting. Can help you to easily control all the lights around the office. Automate lighting patterns and reduce the loss of electricty, due to lights left on in in-active rooms. Which results in cost savings and an overall better environment. Have different groups of lighting and scenes for different situations so you can easily achieve the wanted atmosphere for optimal performance.

Office lighting best for eyes

Having lights that meet required brightness around the office. Lights that are good for the eyes and create a healthier workfloor. Different rooms require different levels of brightness and light emitted. We offer an all in one solution for the ideal lighting designs around the office. No more lights that are bad for your eyes!

Office lighting layout

We help to fill the lighting layout with products that meet requirements. Setting different ideas for each room and fill in the plan with lighting fixtures and controls. Giving you options to design layouts that make sense and work for you.

Office lighting design Ideas

Are you in need of ideas for lighting designs? We can deliver LED lights that match your ideas and bring new life to your workplace. Creating a comfortable working environment for your staff. Design ideas that surpass your expectations. And meet technical specifications to create new design ideas for lighting systems.

Office lighting trends

We study the latest trends in office lighting so we can share our knowledge with our clients. Assisting you in getting the latest trends in the office light industry. Setting you apart from the competition and giving you the latest products in office lighting trends.

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