Thomas G Limited services

Lighting for Offices

Office lighting for new projects and redesign of existing offices. Delivering lighting fixtures to match customer requirements.

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Lighting for Horeca

Lighting for horeca projects. Hotel, restaurant and bar/pub lighting designs for new and redesign projects.

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Sourcing and Purchasing

Companies looking to avoid pitfalls in the production process use our sourcing services. Which helps them save time and money. To purchase all kinds of consumer products manufactured in factories across Asia.

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Lighting Fixtures

Producing all kinds of lighting fixtures and lighting components. Offering assembly and production services to lighting designers who are looking to outsource the production of lighting fixtures and components.

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Metal Parts Fabrication

Production of metal parts and components. We have 10+ years of experience in producing all kinds of metal parts and components. Price quotations based on your designs. We can produce your metal parts with stamping, die casting, cnc, laser cut, bending, extrusions and more. Offering finishing including painting, powder coating, anodising.

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