LED display products

LED display products

We offer a variety of led display products and services. We manufacture the led displays according to the specifications of our customers. With a wide range of applications, including indoor led display, outdoor led display, transparent led display, perimeter led displays and poster displays.

Are you looking to buy LED displays for your media advertising, events, promotions? We offer a wide range of LED display applications to cover all aspects in led display technology. All our displays are made with easy installation and maintenance in mind. Make your business stand out from the crowd.

LED screens are made with high quality SMD LED and components. Made to order to meet your specific project requirements. Our displays can be mounted by fixed installations or movable (flight cases available).

We will deliver and install the displays at your location and train your staff to operate the LED displays.

To get a quote for your  next led display project, contact us with the specifications and requirements to get a detailed quote that suits your needs.

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