Fashion Design Studio

Designers use our design services to create their own patterns and tech packs. This helps them create unique products. So they can reduce their workload and become more effective in growing their brands. We use the latest technologies like 3d virtual sampling to create fashion products.

Fashion Design Services

Pattern Design

We design clothing and fashion items based on your requirements. From initial concept design to finished garments. We draw the clothing in technical pattern based on size specifications.

Virtual Sampling

We use the latest technologies and 3d software to do virtual sampling. This way we can greatly reduce lead times in the design stage. When we create a design you can immediatly see the results on your screen, and make changes where needed. When you are satisfied with the results, you can produce the final sample.

Custom Projects

We design custom garments and collections for our clients, who are looking for new designs and styles. You can also add graphics and customize the designs as you like.

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