Metal Parts Fabrication

Production of metal parts and components. We have 10+ years of experience in producing all kinds of metal parts and components. Price quotations based on your designs. We can produce your metal parts with stamping, die casting, cnc, laser cut, bending, extrusions and more. Offering finishing including painting, powder coating, anodising.

Custom fabrication of metal parts and components based on your designs and drawings

Stamping Parts

Offering punched and stamped parts. For use in lighting industry.

Die casting

Casting parts from a mould which is mostly used in high volume production of metal parts with good surface finishing. 

CNC machining

Parts created by cnc machine. Production with computer controlled fabrication centers of all kinds of metal parts with high precisions.

Various Items

We also offer production of various items like screws, nuts, bolts, plates, inserts, springs, reflectors, o-ring,...


Offering finishing services for parts. Including painting, powder coating, anodising,..


We offer parts in different kind of alloys including aluminum, steels (stainless, galvanised,..), brass, copper, ...


Assembly of products and half products used in the lighting industry. We can assemble the parts in complete lighting sets, including wiring and packaging.

How do we work?

We quote price based on your drawings and designs. To receive your FREE quotation fill out the rfq form or send your design drawings to We will reply your quote requests within 24 hours.

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